11 October 2012

Fête de la Branda - a Liberating Effect ...

 As you can see, a glass or two of 'branda' has a wonderfully liberating effect ...


Comme vous pouvez le voir, un verre ou deux de« branda' ont ​​un effet merveilleusement libérateur ...


  1. I take it that this concoction is very similar to Italian Grappa, which I believe, is made in a similar fashion. But, us mere mortals are only allowed the watered down stuff.....unless we know someone who makes it :-)!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're posting these excellent photos of the fête in Gorbio. It looks to be a lively time. I wanted to go but couldn't at the last minute. It's on my "to do" list for next year!

  3. Great facial expressions! Nice timing on the "snap."

  4. A lot of pleasure is offered by grapes, more or less fermented! :-)


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