26 October 2012

Desert Island Menton

This is part of a small beach that is always jam-packed in summer. It's next to the Stade in Garavan.  Today, except for the lone folding chair, it looks more like a beach on a desert island, doesn't it?


C'est une partie d'une petite plage qui est toujours pleine à craquer en été. Elle se trouve à côté du Stade de Garavan. Aujourd'hui, à l'exception d'une chaise pliante solitaire, cela ressemble plus à une plage sur une île déserte, n'est-ce pas?


  1. I've never seen this before, I've ridden my mountain bike up and down there a few times.. Perhaps it is far from the road ?

  2. Jerry, as you drive along the road, or walk or bike - you see the 'stade' where they have football, fetes, Arabian Horse show etc. Well this little beach is to the right of that facing the sea and those palm trees are the barrier for the first of the private beaches in Garavan. Hope u understand this ... There are traffic lights that take you down to the supermarket on Garavan - go down there, turn right and there is the stade and this beach.

  3. Hi Jilly, yes it does.
    I'm visiting your blog for the first time today, looking forward to your future posts!


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