06 October 2012

Lunch with a View

Lunch, anyone?


Quelqu'un pour le déjeuner?


  1. Beautiful view. One day I WILL see it :-)

    I have added your blog to my blog roll (New blogs to Read) .. too!!

  2. Very nice composition!

  3. This is not what I would think of as beach food.

    The lighting conditions made this photo was difficult to take. Very well done.

  4. Was this in Menton ? I want to go there....

  5. Wow, I miss Menton. And these wonderful beachside restaurants are one of its great treasures. We were shocked the first time we visited that the waiters had to dodge traffic on the busy route to Italy to bring our food and drinks. And October is my favorite time to visit there. It is still warm and the crowds are gone, and most of the day is sunny while the storm clouds dump rain in the mountains. Thank you again, Jilly, for sharing Menton with us.


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