19 October 2012

Rain on its Way

The same sunbeds as yesterday, the same heavy skies but taken from a different viewpoint - looking across the bay at the facade of the Old Town of Menton. 


Les mêmes chaises longues que la veille, le même ciel lourd, mais pris sous un angle différent - en regardant  la façade de la vieille ville de Menton à travers sa baie. 


  1. Beautiful and dramatic photo Jilly.

  2. This is beautiful! It looks more like a painting than a photograph.

  3. This is better than yesterday's picture. Classic Menton with very impressive bank of clouds building up. Also excellent in black and white with a little contrast enhancement.

  4. Yeah,rain. It still looks better than Seattle though :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. This photo is outstanding. It looks like a painting.


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