02 July 2007

Beer Shop!

You don't expect to see a 'Beer Shop' in the Old Town on Menton - especially one that opens at 5 in the morning. This house is not far from the one with the hat on the gate! Perhaps there's a connection. You can see more of the front of the house below - notice the gargoyle above the door. I wonder who lives here?


  1. Anonymous02 July, 2007

    I am surprised you do not know who lives there. I really like your photos of where you live. I would not want to live there as I am no longer able to climb up and down mountains and hills like you do. But I would like to be there and walk with you to take photos. That might be a most interesting experience.

    Nice photography -- as usual.

    I am pleased with your comments and your frequent visits to my blog and am happy that you got to see me as Moses.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —American Gold Finch—

  2. Jilly, I do looove your photos. Thanks for commenting on my new born Toulouse DPB

  3. Wow, what a cute little find!
    Good on you for looking upwards!

  4. Now I wonder what our fellow bloggers will imagine about this decoration. As I recall some thought the hat was connected to a clandestine tryst between two lovers. Love the imagination gendered by photos. When teaching creative writing in the past, I often used photos to motivate writing. Have a good week!!

  5. Anonymous02 July, 2007

    very intriguing indeed...! I love speculating too, about who lives in a place that's caught my attention with some small detail.

  6. I love little bird houses and this one is just adorable. Open at 5am because I suppose the early bird gets the worm...in the Tequilla!

    I wonder what the name on the house means. Does it say "chantefoc"? Whatever is that?

  7. This is absolutely charming! Do you think anglophones live there?

    PS I have a similiar birdhouse, but mine opens at 3AM ;-)

  8. Ann: that's funny!

    Cool photo. I do think beer and birds go together, so I can understand the happy homeowners concern for the little feathery creatures. Watch out for the glass windowwwsssss! Well, it's never a good idea to drink and fly. Cheers!

  9. Anonymous03 July, 2007

    I will have to point this photo out to my sister. She and her husband are big fans of birdhouses ... Good eye to find the shot.

  10. Great shot. I guess, the early bird doesn't get the worm but a beer (unless of course the bird is drinking tequilla for the worm at the bottom of the bottle).

  11. thats cute - a bird house with a beer shop - even the birds have it good =)
    This house is reallly cute!

  12. Abraham, I don't live in the Old Town so don't have this walk every day. Just when I toddle up there to take photos.

    I don't know what chantefoc means. Chante means sing - so I suspect the word might be Mentonnais and I don't speak it! Something to do with singing, anyway?

    And yes, maybe Anglophones do live there - lots of Brits live in Menton, as they do all along the coast.

  13. I just love the colors of the houses there. It's soooo....Mediterranean. :-)

    Beer at 5 AM???

  14. Anonymous07 July, 2007

    Your pictures are so beautiful!!


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