05 July 2007

Fancy a coffee?

We're back in Sospel today - the mountain village 20 kilometres from Menton. Here's the Bar Central. Fancy a café? A biere?


  1. Anonymous05 July, 2007

    It looks like a special place. To me I would go there and ask for a shredded pork sandwich with diced onions and a draft beer.

    Could I get that there or would they throw me out?

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. I don't think the French would know what shredded pork is, Abraham! The nearest you'd get is a ham sandwich in a baguette and of course you'd get a chilled beer but in a mountain village like this, it wouldn't be draft beer.

    I'll have to take you somewhere else! We'd do a little better in Menton but probably Monaco would be best - in one of the American restaurants there - perhaps Stars n Bars. Might be a bit noisy for you tho!

  3. Looks like a nice cafe'.

  4. Well, Jilly, when and where do we meet??

  5. Loved Abe's reference to one of my favorite American sandwiches. LOL
    Well, if it's a mountain village, I'm thinking it might be quite a hike or bicycle ride, so "une biere" would do nicely! :-)
    BTW...this is a quaint little spot. I like the color scheme. Can one choose any paint color or does it have to be approved by the village? Merci!

  6. I love all the plants in the front and on the windows. That is one thing that struck me when I was in France last summer was the many houses and public areas that had beautiful bright flowers. I guess it is the enjoyment of the summertime!

  7. It's lovely there, Jilly. Have a cafe for me sometime soon.

  8. That is quite a quaint little spot. I love those little purple flowers in the lower right window.

    I wish I could see what was written on the ardoise.

  9. Looks like my place, Jilly. Had to laugh at Abe's shredded pork. However a sanglier stew would be OK...though maybe not down Menton way?


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