04 July 2007

Port de Garavan

There are two harbours in Menton. The port of Garavan is nearest to the Italian border and is where this photograph was taken. Don't you love to walk about a port and look at the boats and the boating people?


  1. Anonymous04 July, 2007

    Very nice work. I like the photo today.

    Abraham Lincoln
    the robins
    the Japanese Beetles

  2. I love the sea and this captures so much. Destinations unknown...but eager to set sail. Cheers!

  3. Oh yes, I do like! And dream about which one I could choose! Your last shots are really nice, Jilly, the beer house, lovely, and this one about the stroll at dusk, I found the light very soft and nice.

  4. So peaceful, and dreamy--

  5. Anonymous04 July, 2007

    oh I do too, and I love photos of them, as well!

  6. Yes, I am enamoured of boats and water. This photo is very appealing!


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