24 July 2007

A Walk to Chapel Saint Lazare - 7

We've reached the chapel. It's taken a long time. In reality, of course, this walk is really quite short - about 15 or so minutes - but we stopped and looked and absorbed and chatted, didn't we? If we continued past the chapel, (which we won't) we'd come to the Cime du Baudon, which is where climbers spent happy hours with their crampons climbing that mountain in the background. If you walk below and look up, they appears as tiny dots way above but sometimes you hear the climbers calling to each other. And it looks very dangerous. Before climbing, they have to go to the Mairie in the village to get a licence. And if we walked even further, we'd end up in St. Agnes, which is the highest village in the whole of the Côte d'Azur with a view of the sea. We'll be visiting St. Agnes one day in the future. There are so many hill villages I'd love to show you... Castellar, Roquebrune, La Turbie, Sospel, Castillon, St. Agnes...

So before us stands the chapel and on the left, a cross - we pass it and walk through the arches of the chapel - and we look up. You can see the ancient stonework has much-needed metal supports - hardly surprising as it was built in the XIIth century.

Tomorrow, we'll take a peek inside and then it's time to head back to the village for that cold drink.


  1. Did we bring something to eat? I'm famished! It's a perfect spot for a rest with some great gourmet food. I like the stones that seem to be everywhere!

  2. I agree kate - let's eat!!!

    I couldn't see all the photos as the phone lines aren't good today and it takes awhile to download your page. But the top of them look good!!!!

  3. It's probably a good idea to have a chapel so near the mountain where climbers toy with their own fate. The landscape is beautiful in a rugged way.

  4. ohh nice view of the chapel.. and nice chapel too


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