06 July 2007

Plage l'Helios

Some of the beaches in Menton are private - you can hire a sunbed for the day, have drinks brought to you, you can eat in the restaurant - there are showers available. And best of all, you have a view of the beautiful facade of the Old Town from the beach.

To clarify the term 'private beach' - there are nearly a dozen private beaches in Menton, where you rent sun beds and have bar service and can eat lunch in the restaurant. In spite of the many private beach areas, there are many free beaches (such as the Plage des Sablettes). However, the entire beach front along the water - private or public - is open to public access.


  1. Anonymous06 July, 2007

    I see a gentleman is watching you. Hum? I can't imagine having a sunbead with all those views. Very nice photography, indeed.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. Menton looks very beautiful too...Sunbead, dreams...!

  3. Yes, Jilly, who's that mec checking you out? Were you topless at the time of the photo taking? ;-)))

  4. Relaxing and inviting...sun, drinks and eats, too. Is that guy selling iced coconut? LOL :-)

  5. How much would you pay for a day at the beach like this?

    It's an intriguing concept here in Australia where no beach is private (it's illegal).

  6. Mexico also has public beaches altho many resorts and restaurants make it difficult to reach the sand and shore. Don't think I'd like a totally private beach; doesn't seem very egalitarian, but then again, who am I to say??!!

  7. What a beautiful place this is. I love yesterdays photo of the old pub. You are fortunate to live in such a pretty area!
    Thanks for your comments on my theme day photo!

  8. Jamaica's beaches are *supposed* to all be public beaches. The resorts will fence *their* beach front property but must have some access for the public. Naturally, they get around this law by not maintaining the public access so that it becomes overgrown and practically impassable.

    What's funny is that they can't prevent anyone from gaining access via the water, so you'll see vendors in the water in row boats trying to sell stuff to the visitors at some of these upscale hotels. LOL! :D

  9. BTW, I'm not so sure I want one of those sunbeds in this heat.

    Give me some chilled coconut and an air conditioned room and I'll be quite happy. ;-)

  10. I've added a paragraph to the text below the photograph, explaining that the entire beach front along the water is open to all, whether the beach is private or public.

    I'm told cost is around 10 euros per day for the hire of a sunbed - less for half a day. I believe there is one beach where the cost is 14 euros. Many consider this well worth it for the comfort and space and convenience of the bar/restaurant/toilets. The public beaches are always very crowded in summer.

    Isabella, - how could you ask?


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