28 July 2007

Summer Nights

High summer in Menton. It's 11.00 p.m. and the streets are crowded, as are the bars and restaurants. This was taken in a pretty square in the middle of the walking street.

(I changed the camera setting from 800 ISO to 1600 - to allow for a night shot, but it's come out grainy so perhaps that wasn't such a good idea.)


  1. No way, It was a tremendous idea. Such an idyllic lifestyle. The photo is great. Keep it up, it's just what we need to see in the Australian winter.

  2. I always think your photos have a similar feel to our life in Malta. The evenings here are as busy as your pic shows and a lot of people stay out late wining and dining alfresco.

  3. Super scene!
    What are you doing, roaming the (cobblestone)streets at 11PM? Whos's looking after the lodgers? ;-)

  4. Isabella - I've been getting very tough in my old age and only taking dogs who are happy to be left at home - where they are welcome to rest on my bed, on my chair, on the sofa- wherever - whilst I go out to dinner. If they don't happily wait for me to come home, when they'll get biscuits and love - quietly, no barking - then they are not invited back!

    This photo was taken last Thursday after dining at Le Balico with friends (in fact owners of another dog I care for) - clients become friends of course.

    So that's how it. Good dogs welcome, bad dogs go into kennels! Jilly goes out to dinner sometimes.

  5. looks like a nice place to hang out with friends or family.. i love outdoor cafe's and restaurants.

  6. Looks good to me! I never can figure out to do with night shots.

  7. You have done very well. I would have been too busy stuffing my face and drinking wine to even bother. Well done.

    I love the photos from yesterday too - your beautiful town is now on my list of MUST SEES.

  8. These insights are what its about. Glad you are not currently suffering from exteme summer weather - that I hear about.

  9. "High Summer", I love it. A great description and great photograph. I can see and feel myself being in that scene.

    -- steve buser
    New Oleans Daily Photo
    is 100 (posts) today.


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