18 July 2007

A Walk to Chapel Saint Lazare - 1

Today I'm inviting you to walk with me in the village of Gorbio. No, we are not walking to the top of the old village (that's for the future when we've built up some stamina).

Today we'll walk along Chemin du Doyen Pierre Rochard to the tiny XII century Chapel Saint Lazare. You'll not need proper walking shoes, but ladies - no heels - and for those that don't do hills, worry not, this walk is pretty much flat all the way although the track gets just a little rougher later - but it's easy. We've left the main square and the Mediterranean is to our right, way below. We are 7 kilometres from the sea at an altitude of 370 metres.

The walk would normally take about 15 or 20 minutes, ambling along at our pace, putting the world to rights - as one does on gentle walks - but of course it's going to take us quite a few days. I hope you'll come back tomorrow and the days to follow - I promise you surprises, stupendous views, a knight in shining armour (really) and of course a dragon. And if you are really good I'll show you the tea-cup tit lady.

The photograph above shows the true beginning of the walk - straight ahead, don't turn left. You'll need walking boots for the left turn!


  1. Great I'll come along. See you tomorrow. BTW.....interesting to see Webb Ellis......the 6 Nations is a great compeition. Pity we can't make it 7 and get Germany in.

    Woof woof for now.....Glad you are enjoying Henry's.

  2. An invitation that's hard to refuse; I always want to follow paths and roads to see where they lead.

  3. The tea-cup what lady???
    (Have you opened that bottle of Pinot Grigio before you posted?;-))

    I'm with you on this excellent adventure...as long as it's not too hot...and there are places to rest along the way...and the dragon does not breathe fire...and Chuckeroon walks behind me and gives me a little push when needed...

  4. Hey count me in on this walk! I wouldn't miss it for the world. :-D

  5. Isabella, you mean you've never heard of a lady with tea-cup tits?

    Not the Pinot Grigio!

    Wait a few days and all will be revealed...

    It IS a bit hot, so bring your pretty hat.

  6. Anonymous18 July, 2007

    Tea cup tits?

    Oh my. Must be a dog judging term.


    Like the post too.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  7. Thank you for visiting me so I am here to see where you live!! It is in a wonderful part of my favourite destination!! So delighted to find you.

    Would love to come for a walk. Do I need to bring my own tea-cups - Ha! Ha!

  8. I like your invitation, and just love those picture with old board. It just looks classic.

  9. Count me in - looks like an interesting and beautiful path to travel. I'll be back.

  10. Count me on your walk too...Your description & the photos makes it hard to miss it!

  11. Jules, you naughty girl ;=)


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