22 July 2007

A Walk to Chapel Saint Lazare - 5

Here's our dragon but somewhat rustier than he used to be, as is the horse. And take a look at the gate posts. On the left you see a skeleton and on the right, why - it's our teacup tit lady! You can see a closer version of her below. The third photograph shows the decorated house.

I started taking this walk about 8 years with my dog Milou (you can read about Milou here). We used to walk way past the chapel, down to the stream, cut back along the base of the mountain and come back down past the derelict mill. (Fear not, we are only going as far as the chapel on this trip). When I first saw this house, the dragon and the horse and the decorated gateposts looked fairly new. Now they've deteriorated but they still delight me - nothing is what you'd expect to see so near to a medieval village. Don't you love the unexpected?

Tomorrow, onward to the chapel with perhaps a glance back at the old village as we go.


  1. Anonymous22 July, 2007

    It is all interesting and an example of some different looking things.

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  2. What a hoot! Wouldn't you have love to have met the individual who was responsible for these outstandingly unusual sculptures. Now for all those "doubting Thomases", you are as good as your word!!

  3. The people who live here must be very unique! Nice shots!

  4. What a great post today. That must have been one great walk.

  5. What a great walk, Jilly - I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm deeply immersed in the Tour de France right now & want to be in France with all my soul!

    I was early with my 100th post announcement - today is the day, but thank you for your happies! I enjoy seeing your comments.

  6. All has been REVEALED at last!! It is so funny!!!

    Also love the skeleton - it is a real scream - pardon the pun!!!

    I love it all.

  7. I was amazed when I clicked onto this post--Not knowing what to look at first! Great shots of an interesting place!

  8. Aaaaah, the teacup tit lady...Do you think some Greek nationals live in this house and found a unique way to display their broken cups (or do they only break plates)?

    Love this trail and I hear you - expect the unexpected ;-)
    Btw - are you accompanied by any of your dogs?

  9. Isabella - at the moment I don't take my current dog. He is a Bruno de Jura (Swiss hunting dog) and has such a strong hunting instinct that if I let him off-lead he disappears into the undergrowth following a scent. I've only had him a year and am sure he was a trained hunting dog before I got him from the refuge.

    Taking him on a lead it would be impossible to take a photograph. He's a big dog with no lead training and I feel so sorry for him as he wants to follow his instincts. Perhaps I'll try again one more time as now he's become 'my' dog and with luck (!) might return but hounds are hounds.

  10. Oh, it was a wonderful journey indeed, came to know about so many unique facts. Life is a journey of unexpectedness only...some lovely lovely shots!

  11. Maybe your dog is trained to sniff out truffles? Voila! Here's your retirement fund ;-)

    But seriously, I think it's worth another try...maybe you can start out in a smaller, enclosed area, let him go and see if he comes back when called.

    Would be great to have such nice companion on your walks (until I get there ;-))


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