23 July 2007

A Walk to Chapel Saint Lazare - 6

At last we can see the little chapel. The track gets a bit bumpy here but don't worry we're not on the edge of the track anymore. Tomorrow I'll show you some details of this XII century chapel.

Each year there is a procession of the Pénitents Blancs of Gorbio to the Chapelle St. Lazare, giving thanks that the village escaped the Great Plague of Middle Ages.


  1. Even tho I'm tired and amused (sculptures!), so far it's been a good walk. Love the way the chapel is tucked away into the landscape!

  2. The photo let understand how interesting it has to be. I can't wait tomorrow to see its details.

    -- I hope you've got my email --

  3. Love the stone walls! I wonder how tall I would have to build them to keep the deer out, though ;-)

    I wonder how Gorbio escaped the Great Plague...I heard many smaller towns just barricaded themselves in and did not allow any visitors...hence, no chance of infection!

  4. The wildness of this scene is very compelling. It would be a moment to remember always, trekking up to the little chapel.

  5. I'm enjoying the walk, but I wonder is it too hot, shall we have a break and get a drink?

  6. Isabella - Maybe it was all the garlic that protected them!!!!

    Lilly - I'm with you - a glass of something cool and refreshing would be good.
    Jilly - What do the locals drink on a hot afternoon??

  7. Fabrizio - yes I replied privately and many thanks.

    Isabella, no deer around here. We have wild boar! Don't know the answer about the plague but would imagine you are right. It was the hill villages that avoided the plague. Roquebrune village, which you'll see eventually on Menton DP, was in the same situation and every August 5, the villagers perform the Stations of the Cross thru the village in thanks.

    Lilly, you'll a girl after my own heart. As soon as we get back to the village, we'll have a glass of something cold in the bar.

    And Jules, maybe it was the garlic, but more likely the isolation of the village. The locals, of course,sensibly take a siesta in the afternoons!! If they drink it'd probably be water. We had a record hot day in Nice yesterday for July. 36.3. Too hot.

    Thanks to everyone for taking this walk with me. More tomorrow.

  8. ..........charming........

  9. ok ...I'm on my way to the bar....meet you there (I assume you won't be long!) I'll save you a seat!
    loved this walk....

  10. Anonymous23 July, 2007

    This is wonderful. Are there any paintings inside this chapel? I'm looking forward to finding out.

  11. Jilly, I'm really needing this walk. You wouldn't believe how grey it is let alone the rain.


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