30 July 2007

John Wayne?

This silver Roy Rogers, or whoever he is, doesn't seem to be getting much interest and his silver dish is empty. Perhaps the ladies on the left have seen it all before?


  1. Anonymous30 July, 2007

    He looks a little like John Wayne Jilly!

    Today I have the Red Arrows.

    South Shields Daily Photo

  2. Ah yes! Shows I don't look at cowboy films! I'll change it... thanks Curly.

  3. Ha! Very funny indeed :)

    Are these mimes locals or perhaps backpackers trying to earn money?

  4. Ann

    You ask a good question. I know the local council pay often for some street entertainment (animations) so it could be someone they've employed. I doubt it's a backpacker because they'd probably need a licence. I should know these things, shouldn't I? That's my surmise. Someone employed by the council. One day I'll find out for you! And for me.

  5. Thanks Jilly! :)Ha! I had no idea that the mimes were actually paid! I always wondered though how they could survive on the pennies people would throw in that little bowl lol!

  6. The costume and make-up is pretty spectacular.

  7. I saw lots like this in Europe - they look so real.

    Hope he doesn't fall off his box - that would get the ladies attention real quick!!!!

  8. C'est si amusant! et quelle patience il a , par cette chaleur!


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