04 October 2009

The Accordionist Plays

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We've found an outside table in a small bar in a side street of Ventimiglia. We're drinking a glass of rosé and are waiting on our bruschetta to arrive when who should come along but the accordionist we met yesterday.


  1. I think I can almost hear the accordionist playing "Lady of Spain" now. He has the type of mustache that looks best on a musician.

  2. Yes, that's the same guy alright, duct tape handle and all. These are wonderful portraits, Jilly.

  3. This time he knows you took his picture! I hope his music was good!

  4. Love this one with the gal coming at you 'twice'. Ha!

  5. Jilly,

    Nice to see xxmiglia! (venti = 20 = XX).

    My wife's home town!

    Funny.. I've seen this guy. When I was there in June.

    And where you were in yesterday's photo, walking just outside the covered market is where I've seen him. In the photo he is standing by the window featuring the fake flower displays. (The french love fake flowers for some reason.) Although he's clearly looking at himself.

    That must be 'his street'.

    Enjoy the cooler weather!

    Manhattan Beach, California

  6. He came along just in time for you to enjoy his music while you were relaxing. What fun!

  7. Beautiful pictures: I love the portrait, the expression on his face a bit sad ...

  8. Who's stalking who?! Lol!

    Great collection of photos.

  9. Hope you enjoyed his music!


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