12 October 2009

Ventimiglia - the Look

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It's 10.30 a.m at a restaurant opposite Ventimiglia's Friday market. Empty tables. Too early for lunch.

No one notices these two as everyone is busy shopping.


  1. Well, it's too early for lunch, but while you're waiting....

    I absolutely love this photo!

  2. Better being there than in the market !
    Black and white, like salt and pepper on the table...Complementary.

  3. No one notices... but you of course, dear Jilly!
    What a wonderful wonderful portrait!

    How many stories could we start with such an image ?

  4. Great shots. She looks like she'd rather be somewhere else or she's thinkig about a pair of shoes she'd like to buy.

  5. It's NEVER too early for...

  6. I'm reading her face as Karen does. If this is a relationship I have my doubts as to its longevity. As a photograph, it's very very good.

  7. Superb photo Jilly. Very good.

  8. Yes she definitely looks like she wants to be somewhere else!! I would swap..!!

  9. But we noticed. she appears to be off in another thought.

  10. Jilly,
    great photo. surprised no one has commented on the interesting patterns in the back drop yet.

    i think it's clear your followers like pics of people every now and then, the comments stack up quicker!

    i still like the shot of the old man in his shop doorway in the menton harbor.

    Manhattan Beach, California

  11. She appears to be remembering something as he speaks to her....
    I find the salt and pepper to be an interesting contrast to the couple in the photo. The pepper is on his side while the salt is on her side. Along with the fact the two spices are in physical contact with one another.

    Very nice photo Jilly.

  12. But you did, and she sees you. My impression of her face is that the embrace is more for his benefit than hers.

  13. Superb shot, Jilly, especially with your choice of B&W. I like what Catherine and Drew said as well.

  14. As Anne in Oxfordshire wrote: "... looks like she'd rather be somewhere else."

    Why do you think the guy is hiding behind her ?????

    Because they are not supposed to be there together !!!!


    Luc, Montréal, Québec.

  15. Great shot. I was thinking all lovey dovey till I read the comments. Now I'm not so sure. We'll never know will we!

  16. You naughty voyeur, you!

    All in fun, great photo!

  17. I think she's caught sight of you, Jilly.

  18. Great Photo,

    I imagine a couple of old lovers living in other cities and met in secret in Ventimiglia.The pleasure of life....

  19. Revisiting this shot after a long time (thanks to Link Within!) and it strikes me how this echoes the famous Klimt painting a bit, just their positions and the tilt of her head. He sees you, too, through her hair.
    Ah, love!


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