31 October 2009

Walk to the Monastery of l'Annonciade - the Frieze

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We turn the corner from yesterday's shrine and on the right find a house with this beautiful frieze. (In the smaller photo, we are looking back at the house, so you can see we are only a little way above sea-level - long way to go yet).

The friezes of Menton, Monaco and the hill villages are celebrated, some so beautiful you want to jump up and down with delight.

Don't you love that a real dove, or perhaps a pigeon, has left its calling card on the top of the shutter...

This is for Virginia of Birmingham, Alabama DP who has posted pigeons (take a look) on Paris Through My Lens today. Even tho it's not Paris, here's a little bit of France for you, Virginia.


  1. Oh Jilly,
    What a an absolutely lovely little home with the beautiful artwork all around. And yes, I'm laughing at the calling card. I think a pigeon must have sat right there and admired his "friend" for a while! Thank you for showing us this delightful little street. Maybe one day........:)

  2. To walk up to the top will be a must for my (our - who is joining?) next Menton visit!

  3. That is jumping-up-and-down beautiful, and I like the pigeon poo......

  4. How pretty. These things are normally only found indoors.

  5. I don't know how you manage to jump up and down and still get such fabulous images!


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