08 October 2009

Ventimiglia Market - Table Linen

Copyright 2009 Menton Daily Photo. All rights reserved

Ventimiglia's Friday market is famous. There are acres of stalls selling everything you can imagine from sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese to handbags, shoes, clothes, table-clothes, coffee machine - I could go on and on - as does the market.

Gone though are the days of picking up a 'copy' handbag - a fake Gucci or Chanel. You used to be able to go to a specific stall and hidden under the counter were the fakes, and very good they were too. Now, the police have really tightened up on this and it's not only the sellers that get in trouble. If you buy a copy handbag and are stopped at the border, beware...you will get a massive fine.

In this photo, you'll see all sorts of table linen for sale and just beyond, a stall selling kitchen appliances.


  1. I love these markets. You've really captured the feel of it.

  2. I prefer the real thing, if I can afford it. That's why I carry non-label purses!

  3. HA, I'm picturing B2 with a fake Rolex....fake diamonds too??:)

    I love these linens. I 'd like the one at the top with the natural colored linen border please.

  4. Linens blowing gentle in the breeze. Very nice.

  5. So it's true about the fashion police? I'd heard stories...I've long since abandoned flashing name brands anyway. There are LOTS of fakes here...

    The linens remind me of the kind of embroidery ladies make here.

  6. i so wish we had this market here in jamaica. I have been searching for table linens liketese for ages!!

  7. I wonder if the activity of the market has declined because of the difficulties to buy fakes.
    That's true, I Haven't seen fakes sellers since a long time !

  8. I love these places, and that is a wonderful snap.


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