03 October 2009

The Accordionist

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We are in Ventimiglia in Italy today - just across the border. This accordionist is about to walk around the bars and restaurants where he'll play and then hope for a few coins.

Remember those distorting mirrors at the Fun Fairs? The slim lady on the left is somewhat larger on the right...


  1. What is the musician wondering and looking at?

    I love that instrument! This is a nice shot with the reflection of the woman in the glass!!!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. You're so lucky to be able just to hop over to Italy!
    That accordion looks well used. Is that duct tape?
    Yes, those mirrors were a riot!

  3. Two fascinating looks at 'reflection'.

  4. The first reflection is very interesting. I hope she didn't see it. Would ruin her day.

  5. Two fun fotos! I think the accordion guy has his accordion on backwards! Does he have lunch stuck in his teeth? Sorry about her distorted figure in the glass! Ha!

  6. I do so love reflections & distortions in plate glass windows. So enjoy your blogs even if I do not comment regularly.

  7. The accordion looks pretty heavy :)

  8. Oh that's just what a need a reflection that adds more kilos!!! Love the battered accordian. Your portraits are always so wonderfully full of life!


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