07 October 2009

Ventimiglia: About Turn

Copyright 2009 Menton Daily Photo. All rights reserved

We are on the same foot bridge as yesterday - this time facing the sea.

Do take a look at Catherine's blog The Five of Us for something most unusual on this footbridge. Welcome back to blogging, Catherine. You have been very much missed.


  1. belle façade avec tous ces arbres

  2. Lovely photo. I'm not getting the link to work though, Jilly.

  3. Thanks for the nod, Petrea. Working now.

  4. Lovely, just lovely. I and about everybody who looks at this blog would want to live there.

    When I crossed into Italy from Ventimiglia eons ago as a student, I bought a beautiful bottle of Lacrima Christi. The bottle is in the form of a young man, superbly painted, leaning against a stump (out of which you poured the wine.) I still have it; perhaps I should post it...

  5. And looking carefully, one can find beautiful and graceful wild birds hidden in these long leaves.

    Thanks Jilly, you've encouraged me so much ! Really....and not only for my blog.

  6. Bibi's right. And thanks for the link!


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