28 March 2013

Cervo - the Oratorio and the sea

Yesterday we saw the beautiful church in Cervo.  Today we are standing on the steps of that church looking down and out to sea. The tower in front of us is part of the Oratorio Santa Caterina.


Hier, nous avons vu la belle église de Cervo. Aujourd'hui, nous sommes debout sur les marches de cette église et nous regardons la mer au dessous. La tour en face de nous fait partie de l'Oratorio de Sainte Catherine.


  1. OMG, this is beautiful!
    You're having an animal week? After the golden goat, the deer (cervo, in Italian)? ;-)

  2. I didn't realise that cervo is deer in Italian, Rob. Thanks! Trying to remember if I saw any visual references to a deer but don't recall.


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