16 March 2013

Smiles on a Winter's Day

There's something about bicycles - and umbrellas - that photographers can't get enough of.

Well, I'm no different but isn't it great when a couple like this - they saw me about to click - and gave their great smiles. And off they went - a moment in time.  I'll probably never see them again - but their smiles are preserved forever.  Thanks guys!


Les vélos  et les parapluies ont en eux quelque chose dont les photographes ne se lassent pas.
Eh bien, je ne suis pas différente, mais n'est-ce pas formidable d'avoir un couple comme celui-ci - ils m'ont vue en train de photographier et m'ont fait de grands sourires. Puis, ils se sont éloignés - un moment suspendu dans le temps.  Je ne vais probablement jamais les revoir - mais leurs sourires seront conservés indéfiniment. Merci les amis!


  1. I like their attitude. Some people over here would have photographed a couple of tongues sticking out. I like this black and white.

  2. Charming! I think you are in a larger city than Menton today?

  3. Warm smiles for a winter day. Lovely capture, Jilly!

  4. Jilly you caught a wonderful moment in time. Love these smiles and the fun ride!


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