09 March 2013

Fête du Citron - Confetti

The crowd is sometimes more interesting than the performers ...


La foule est parfois plus intéressante que les artistes ...


  1. You are right! ;-)
    I wonder what's the better way to remember la fête de citron - being "oldfashioned" and watch with the own eyes or taking iphone pictures and see them later again and again...
    Barbara from Germany

  2. Fortunately, we have Jilly to take the photos, so we can enjoy the moment with our own eyes, AND see it again later - or enjoy it in our imaginations when we cannot be there. La Fete du Citron seems to become more spectacular every year. What a show they put on! I hope the rain did not dampen things.

  3. Karen, it sure did. Two of the nights in the gardens were cancelled, not sure about the night corsos. And for the first two normal corsos the weather was lousy. The last one only was fabulous I gather. Having said that, more people attended than ever. Not good weather tho - terrible in face. Still is!

    Thanks for kind words ...


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