01 March 2013

Fête du Citron - Read All About It!

During the corso (carnival parade) there is a newspaper available to everyone,  giving all sorts of interesting facts about the Fête du Citron. Tomorrow, I'll tell you some.

In the meantime, four people, three newspapers!


Pendant le corso  on peut prendre un journal gratuit qui  donne toutes sortes de renseignements intéressants au sujet de la Fête du Citron. Demain, je vous en  raconterai  quelques-uns. 

En attendant, quatre personnes, trois journaux!


  1. Well done, it's good to see you found some people not wielding phones or tablets whenever the occasion asks for some shaky pictures.
    In ten, no, make it three years, people in our age group (50+) will happily download the app of the day to get all the "news".


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