04 March 2013

Fête du Citron - the Moment the Car Hit Me!

This car ran me over!  One second after this photo was taken, the car swerved towards me and boom - there I was flat on my back!  If you look in the second photo you can see everyone laughing - but notice, I continued taking photos which is why the building is crooked! How's that for a keen photographer ...?

It was, of course, my fault, for being too near the centre of the road and I was not hurt at all.


Cette voiture m'a poursuivie ! Une seconde après que cette photo a été prise, la voiture a fait une embardée vers moi et boom -  j'étais à plat sur mon dos ! Si vous regardez dans la deuxième photo vous pouvez voir que tout le monde rit - mais remarquez, j'ai continué à prendre des photos ce qui explique pourquoi le bâtiment est tordu! C'est comme cela pour une passionnée de photographie ... 
C'était  bien sûr de ma faute, d'être trop près du milieu de la route et je n'ai pas eu mal du tout.


  1. I hope you weren't hurt! I don't think you were, people would not be laughing if they didn't know you were okay.

  2. No, no harm done and just fun. The car was going really slowly and jump bumped my knees as I was photographing low down - and it tipped me over ... thanks Petrea x

  3. Oy oy oy, Jilly, you are the ultimate sacrificing blog photographer! Did those crazy kids at least get out and ask if you are OK??
    Thank God you (and the camera) were not hurt.

  4. Dina, so right. I was far more concerned about the camera than me. Just held it up, up up as I tipped backwards. The actors stayed in chsracter actually and sort of shrugged and looked apologetic. It was all just fine and good fun. Thanks! And that funny car goes SO slowly in any case.

  5. Now that's dedication!

  6. Oh bless your heart!!! I've almost gotten creamed a few times myself. I think I just get bolder and bolder.

    I'm glad you weren't hut Jilly!

  7. I am also glad you were unscathed and able to get quite a photo, Jilly. You give new meaning to staying focussed. The Lemon Festival photos are wonderful. So much work and so much fun.

  8. Good to hear you weren't hurt. Great photo results for your dedication though.
    Love your coverage every year of this festival, Jilly. Helps makes the end of winter here a little more bearable.

  9. First of all I am happy that nothing of bad happened to you. Then, in my opinion, let me say that the second photo is better than the first. LoL :-)

  10. Jilly don't let dedication to the cause kill you! This vehicle was slow and I'm delighted that you weren't hurt in the end but please think of yourself. No photo is worth your health and wellbeing.

    Having said that the look on the guy's face in the top photo takes on a whole new meaning when we know he was about to run you over! (the little girl looks like she hasn't seen you at all!)

  11. I am trying not to laugh, Jilly.


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