15 March 2013

The Cat who Sleeps in the Church?

Hmmmmm ... not sure this lovely cat should be walking this altar in Gorbio's Eglise St. Barthelemy.

I wonder if he sleeps in the church?


Hmmmmm ... pas sûre que ce beau chat devrait marcher sur cet autel de l' Eglise Saint Barthélemy à Gorbio.
Je me demande s'il dort dans l'église?


  1. Mjau!

    I hope the cat will get many friends and have a happy long life!:)

  2. He probably does sleep there, while he thinks, "How nice that they built this church just for me."

  3. well that looks like quite a clean and dapper creature.

  4. An altar cat, mmmmmh.
    Many people worship their cats but this is a bit over the top. What a fantastic catch Jilly!


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