17 March 2013

Sun and Shade

              'Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.'


'Gardez votre visage toujours vers le soleil - et les ombres tomberont derrière vous. '

Walt Whitman
( Poète, 1819-1892) 


  1. very, very good advice.

  2. So easy to do on Menton's beautiful beaches facing the winter sun in the southern sky. Although the sun is getting higher everyday now. And our snow has finally melted - except for the snow wall in our front yard built by the snow plows. It is only a few feet tall now. Could Spring be here! I loved the way the umbrellas and tables sprout along the Bord du Mer this time of year in Menton. Are they still blocking it off on Sunday mornings for pedestrians?

  3. Karen, yes I think it's the first Sunday of every month. I love that too.


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