30 March 2013

Cervo - Shadowland

Sun and shadows in beautiful Cervo.


Soleil et ombres à Cervo la belle.


  1. Great! I must have been there as well when I was there. Must look at my photos... There were so many beautiful motives!!
    Barbara from Germany

  2. Love the colors, light and shadow:)

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous, honey in a camera.

    To try to answer your question in your comment on my Saturday post, copyright on a photograph goes on three-quarters of forever in this country. I didn't ask about Porsche-West's prices since I wasn't out to buy. None of his works had price labels. Maybe, as they say, if you have to ask you can't afford it.

  4. "Honey in a camera," you got that right, Bob. This is beautiful, Jilly.


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