26 March 2013

Cutting down the oranges ...

Time to prune the oranges trees in Menton.


C'est le moment de la taille des oranges à Menton.


  1. Oh, the oranges...
    Here we would be more than happy to pick up the ones which have fallen down!
    Barbara from Germany

  2. Hey hey, what do they do with the oranges? They don't go to the bin I hope???

  3. Nathalie, I thought they'd put them on the compost but a friend on Facebook said her friend collects them every year and makes marmalade. I'd imagine tho the majority are composted - or perhaps bought by a jam factory of which there are several in Menton. I was just thinking the oranges in the street would be polluted by petrol fumes, wouldn't they? Remember when you tried eating one in Roquebrune village?

  4. A necessary job. My husband and I were hit more than once by falling oranges in Menton, usually from trees in private gardens with branches overhanging the sidewalks. Of course, it did not hurt, and we resisted the temptation to carry them home.


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