14 March 2013

Zen Garden - the Elysée Reclus

Palms in the Jardin Elysée Reclus,  a zen garden at the base of the Borrigo valley, facing the sea.

Always a calm place to sit and think ...


Les palmiers du Jardin Elysée Reclus, au bas  du Borrigo qui est un jardin zen face à la mer.

Un endroit toujours calme pour s'asseoir et réfléchir ...


  1. When I was a kid, we found a turtle here in the sea, she had lost her way and came to the beach just right there.
    I was glad to hear from you again! I hope all is well for you!
    Give some news when You'll have time!

  2. What a lovely view with the sea and the palms.

  3. What a charming spot! There must be many days when the shade is welcome.


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