28 October 2010

Behind Bars

'What do you fear my lady?'

'A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.'

~ J.R.R.Tolkien - Lord of the Rings


  1. Hi Jilly, This is one of your best photos, IMHO. Love it.

    LONG MESSAGE: I'm quite frustrated; cannot access my email account, comment on any blogs that don't allow anonymous visitors, nor access my Visual St. Paul blog. Lost all my addresses. Fortunately I had scheduled posts 'til mid-November sometime (but can't add to them with an explanation) because of surgery. Don't have time to start a new email account nor blog, but I'll be back. If you care to contact me in the meantime, I can be reached with another acct., tho: myhearthandhome@gmail.com (I hope that works!)Kate from Visual St. Paul.

  2. Coincidence! We both have something behind bars today. I like this photo, and the quote is really good.

  3. Kate, I've written to the address you've given and hope you got it.

  4. belle composition et cela donne une belle vue

  5. What a poignant post, Jilly.


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