31 October 2010

Des Res - in need of TLC

In need of a little work, don't you think? This old house is in one of the main streets of Castellar, an old village above Menton.


  1. I'm imagining the people who originally erected this wall.

  2. From the first photo, Jilly, I would have never dreamed that the house would be that tall. Thanks for both photos!

  3. Hopefully this house will get the masonry and interior maintenance it needs. Ib the USA some aluminum siding salesman would tell the owner how much easier it is to care for the house if the stonework were covered with aluminum siding.

  4. Jilly

    "Arrested decay" Love the look of all that stone, has lots of character, but alas to make it last longer yes a mason needs to do his/her magic.


  5. Dave, let's hope not!

    I think it's beautiful the way it is. Let's hope it will get care and be preserved.

  6. A friend used to say that houses like this should be used as the final exam for a Real Estate license - "loads of potential" is a phrase that springs to mind...


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