16 October 2010

The Bishop's Ring

It's not often you see a bishop in Gorbio. This is Monseigneur Sankalé, Bishop of the diocese of Nice who was in the village for the gathering of 250 penitent brotherhoods from around the region.

Note his beautiful hands and immaculately manicured nails, unlike the hands of the priest we saw the other day. Does a bishop have a manicurist? And then there is the ring - many people kissed his ring that day.

For the service in the church, he changed from these beautiful robes to those of white and gold and with a gold mitre on his head. These bishops sure know how to dress to impress.


  1. That first photo is magnificent Jilly...

  2. I love the top photo, there is something very special about it.

  3. You find the most interesting subjects for your posts.
    I never thought I would be contemplating a bishop's hands and nails.

    It reminds me of Christ using his hands to wash the feet of disciples.

  4. You're right, his hands are simply beautiful. Nicely captured, Jilly.

  5. I think that bishop spends a lot of relaxing time out in the summer sun! I love the first photo of his hands and his jewelry! I wonder if my wife would let me wear a ring like that?

  6. Beautiful 'portrait' of his hands.

  7. I'd get a manicure, too, if I had so many people kissing my ring.

    The first thing I noticed, though, were the beautiful buttons.

  8. A certain humor in your commentary, no? ;-)

    I personally prefer Gorbio's priest hands.

  9. Lovely shot of the hands here, Jilly, although I think I prefer the rough hands of the priest.

    I, too, note a level of playfulness with the text. Knowing both you and Nathalie spent time in Oz ...

  10. Good manicure, but it won't hide the fact that Monseigneur probably has Vertigo, as we can see when we look carefully his fingers.

    Montreal Quebec.


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