07 October 2010

The Sea Rescue Dogs

Last weekend in Menton we had three days of 'Métiers de la Mer' - which introduced young people to careers relating to the sea.

The display by a training club for dogs and owners who save lives at sea - 'Terre-Neuve 06' - had us all entranced and at times in fits of laughter. Terre-Neuve is French for Newfoundland (the black ones). The black and white variety of Newfoundland is called a Landseer. They came from all over this part of France including one from Menton.

In the first photo the dog demonstrates how he swims with a person in distress clinging to his life-jacket. In the smaller photo, the dog pulls in a boat! And in the last photo, one jumps off the jetty. More photos on Riviera Dogs.

Tomorrow we'll see how these big dogs got out of the water - not easily...


  1. What an awesome post, Jilly. You are such an out-and-about gal, finding interesting sights to photograph and tell us all about. Thanks!

  2. They are amazing dogs. My mom had one that just wanted to swim all day long - not so good for the state of cleanliness in her house. He would even get into the tiny birdbath if the gate to the river was closed.

  3. Dogs have the most courageous hearts, even my little Cocker spaniel will defeat me to his death.

    How many humans have such a heart?

    Great photos


  4. I'd need one of these guys. I can't swim well at all, and Bibi is a real chicken when it comes to water...and too small anyway to save me! Great photos!

  5. Interesting and nice posting.
    (Look forward to see more:)

  6. Great to see the dogs in action.

  7. The dog-in-action in the third photo probably made a big splash upon entry! I cannot imagine the strength of these well-trained dogs to pull a boat. The close shot of the Landseer shows that incredible aqua water -- off to see Riviera Dogs.


  8. Foreground and background, these are wonderful.

  9. Wonderful dogs, you can't keep them out of the water.

  10. I really wish I'd been there to see this. It never ceases to amaze me what dogs will do for us.

    I love your photos; you can tell people were enjoying the event. Thanks Jilly for a great post!

  11. Jilly,
    These photos are wonderful! I love these big dogs who are helpers by instinct. We had two St. Bernard's when our boys were growing up. They were so gentle and gently protective. We never worried when they were around. I have seen a beautiful Newfoundland on my walks in Menton. I wonder if he/she was in the water.

  12. Oh Jilly I know how much you loved this assignment. Right up your alley! :)


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