22 October 2010


There's something about a scene like this that reminds me of my first visit to Paris. I suppose I was around 17. I fell in love with France then - and forever - adored the cafés and bars and as you see, nothing much has changed!


  1. Agree...except for the prices, but then, at least Paris was always on the expensive side. I get an adrenalin rush just thinking of Paris/France; when will I go visit again?

  2. Wonderful, nostalgic photo. It reminds me of an old Louis Malle or Godard film. How lucky you were to see Paris when you did. Now there are Hard Rock Cafes and McDonald's on the Champs Elysees. I'm sorry to sound so negative, but I can't imagine what Paris will be like by the time I can get there. Globalization seems to be slowly robbing every country of its identity, as we all know. Such is life-still gets me down though.

    I like to think that in Menton, and especially in the smaller villages like your Gorbio that a certain way of life has been preserved. Judging from this photo, as you said, leisurely cafe-sitting is alive and well. Thank Dog for that!

    And thanks for this post, enjoy your weekend Jilly!

  3. I've sometimes wondered about the economics of French cafés. The pace is slow, the tables do not turn over quickly and the purchases are not very large. How do they all get by?

  4. belle photo b&w ,on a l'impression de revenir au temps de Pagnol


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