08 October 2010


One more day with these amazing Newfoundlands - life-savers of the sea.

Mind you, whilst the dogs can jump into the sea, rescue people, pull boats, do all sorts of wonders, in Menton they all needed help getting out of the sea and onto the rocks. Owners need to be strong - these are very heavy dogs, especially with their coats full of water.

For anyone interested, more photos of Newfies will be on Riviera Dogs for a good few days yet.


  1. Water-dogged. I wouldn't want to be too close when these heroes shake it out.

  2. Amazing pooches! Dogs never cease to amaze me.

  3. Noble beasts! And Newfies are always such nice dogs when you meet them. Great shots.

    Your dog photos are always excellent but these tell an amazing story. So are these dogs going to be on duty on Menton beaches ?

  5. Nathalie, no, not on regular duty. This was a demonstration by Newfoundlands from the region - all belonging to the same club. However there is one who lives in Menton. Dog and owner were part of this event so I suppose they could be called upon if necessary. Thanks for kind words.

    Our life savers are hunky guys!


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