13 October 2010

Black Dog

We're back in Gorbio village - a dog, the church's new facade and, unfortunately, dog poop. Happily more and more people are picking up after their dogs - plastic bags are provided and I believe there is a law if you don't. Someone missed this bit though...

The dog is Dunya - a 7 year old Labrador/German Short-haired Pointer mix. She was re-homed from a Belgian refuge 6 years ago and now lives in Brussels and in Menton. Black dogs are difficult to photograph but I was pleased with the close-up you can find on Riviera Dogs - the light was just right.


  1. Well...there's always Photoshop for you, but then you'd have had to write a slightly different caption! I know first-hand that black dogs are hard to photograph!

    Excellent composition...with or without 'les crottes.'

  2. Bibi, you are right but I don't have Photoshop. I could have used another application tho - and did consider it - but this is how it is - real life - I just wish people would clean up after their dogs.

  3. Someone needs to tell the dog to look to his right to admire the new paint on the facade of the church. Imagine how the artist, who you showed a few weeks ago, would feel if he realized that anyone, even a dog, would be more interested in checking out the dog poop rather than his magnificent masterpiece painted on the front of the church.

    It is probably especially important to pick up after your dog in front of the church because pedestrians are likely to be admiring the painting on the front of the church and might not notice where they are stepping.

  4. Strong image on those stone stairs. Like this one!

  5. Great silhouette here and WONDERFUL face portrait on your Riviera dogs blog! You're right - once more, light is the key!

  6. Jilly

    C'est la vie!


  7. I'm with Nathalie on that interesting silhouette of Dunya against the stone steps. This is an eye-catching, nicely composed photo even without the detail of the dog, and really gets your point across. It IS infuriating when people don't clean up after their dogs, especially right in front of a church where lots of people walk.

    But Joanny makes a good point, "C'est la vie!"

  8. Back again...forgot to tell you that 'Dunya' (dunja here) means 'quince'==coing.

  9. WEll black kittens are hard to photograph as well as I'm finding out over and over. Bravo for the poop patrol!


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