05 October 2010

The Benediction

It's dusk and we are witnessing the benediction of the new facade of l'Eglise Saint Barthélemy in Gorbio.

This series on the new facade has taken a long time and much as I adore Gorbio, I'm getting fed up with looking at the pics. You probably are too!

So, tomorrow, we meet the most important person - the artist responsible. And after that - back to Menton.


  1. You have done a good and important job of documenting something which should last for hundreds of years.
    Let's hope there will be people in a few centuries who will look back at your photos.

  2. Jilly, I have enjoyed all of your photos and stories about this restoration so no apology needed. In this photo it seems that the paper templates are hanging over the railing? Oh, and I do see a paper pattern in the background. Nice shot.

  3. I never tire of your photographs.

  4. It's nice to know the church is still part of the community. I know in many places in Europe there's faith but the church has lost much of its credibility - mostly due to its connection to the two World Wars. Great work, Jilly.

  5. The "old ladies" have a different look from the "old ladies" in my city.


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