03 October 2010

The Inauguration - the Dignitaries

The village has gathered and is listening to its mayor, Monsieur Michel Isnard. He thanks the various organisations within the state, the region and the department, in particular the one responsible for patrimony. There was also a public subscription and 102 families within the village and commune of Gorbio made donations.

Later the mayors of Menton and of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin spoke - all in praise of course as tonight is the inauguration of the beautiful new facade of l'Eglise Saint Barthélemy - 327 years after the church was built, when it couldn't afford to have it done.

It's dusk and the figures could be a little sharper but at least this sets the scene. The chairs are for the elderly, the infirm and of course the dignitaries in the front row - the mayors and clergy.


  1. It feels so special to see these photos. Thanks for showing us this picturesque and nice place, both in real life and through your photos!:)

  2. I just hope the lady in high heels could navigate the cobblestones.

  3. I imagine St. Bart is smiling down on the proceedings.

  4. Jilly, this photo-journal of the restoration has been delightful. Thank you for taking us with you with your photos and your story!

  5. Jilly,
    It's beautiful! And so are your photos. What a wonderful village you live in to care so much for their church and its place in their community.


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