25 October 2010

The Cross that is Too Big

We're back in the medieval village of Gorbio today because I want to tell you the story of the cross that may be too big to get into the church.

This is a gathering of 250 Penitents from all around the region. Each order holds a banner except one from Vallecrosia in Italy which has an enormous ornate and heavy cross - but will it go into the church? We'll find out tomorrow.


  1. I think that one is a little "over the top" for my tastes but I think you're right, might be a tight fit through the door. Sometimes less is more! HA

  2. I Googled for driving directions between the two locations because not only am I curious about the cross getting into the church, but I am also curious about how they got it there, over the 30-minute ride. Can't wait to find out!


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