09 April 2007

Another street in the Old Town

The archway you see is typical of many villages along the coast and into Italy.


  1. Yes you're in right there aren't any difference between France and Italy in this part od coast ... And in fact they are both lovely :-)

  2. wow, great picture! I love the colours!!

  3. There's an odd thing in this picture Jilly, the inlay decoration on the right hand side of the steps looks like the shadow of an invisible man with his hands in his pockets!

  4. Curly,

    I can't see for looking! Where do you see this - specifically? Do you mean in that pebble work on the right hand side?

  5. How lovely! I won't mind renting that apartment with the window and archway for the summer. Learn to paint, read a couple of books, etc.

    Actually, my fantasy is to move to the south of France and learn how to cook.


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