01 April 2007

Theme Day: a Public Mail Box

The truth is I got obsessed with Menton mail boxes (thankyou Daily Photo - like I've nothing better to do with my life) and then, being a typical Libra, couldn't decide which one I wanted to post, so here are three of them. This one is a tiny box, covered in cobwebs with strange bits of wire hanging below. It's on the outside of an old house on Route de Gorbio, a windy road that leads from Menton to the village of Gorbio.

This one is in the centre of Menton which a poubelle below it. Goodness know why? I suppose if you drop the letter it falls into the bin, which of course it couldn't 'cos you couldn't open the bin properly anyway.

This one is outside the main mail sorting office in Menton. Somehow the hard yellow of the mail box on a soft pink wall doesn't please my eye, but I can't keep posting idyllic photos of Menton. You need to see the truth sometimes...

Which do you prefer?

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  1. What do you think of our yellowish mailboxes, Jilly? You'll find a short story about a wall on my DP blog too...

  2. You really went for it, didn't you? :)

  3. wow...i think i prefer the second with the garbage box under it...
    Nice report!!

  4. you wait all day and then three come along!
    aesthetically I like the first;
    for originality and quirkishness I like the second pic.
    #3 ...

  5. Well, I vote for the middle one , because I learned a new French word - poubelle, which I guess means "wheelie bin" !!!

  6. The garbage can is located in a good place. Most mail could be dumped there. I like it the best. I have no idea how to do the theme though Ihave seen people subscribed to them.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    I did a kind of segment on how to create a backyard wildlife habitat and it is at Brookville Daily Photo and it contains a lot of information that may upset some folks. Not sure if you are interested or not.

  7. I like second one, It's a funny combination. Very nice.

  8. Me too. I like the second one :)

  9. I love the third! I thought at first glance how harse the yellow was, but then I am a sucker for wrought iron and I like the way the branch 'frames' the mailbox. It is a stark photo, yet there is so much going on...

    I enjoy the first two as well and 'see' a story there as well....

    So many photos, so little time.
    64 daily photo sites have participated and so far so many have been apologizing for the boredom of their photo, which is not the case in any I have seen.

    I thank you for posting all 3, what fun. Now on to the next!

  10. I like your mail boxes, photos and obsession.

  11. I had never seen a yellow post box until today - and today I've seen so many. But I LOVE your dog blog - that's got to be the best find of the day for me.

  12. I like the yellow mailboxes....they add such a nice splash of color!

  13. Yes, Jilly, we all need to know that there is a reality, an occasional ordinariness in amidst the incredible beauty of Menton and the surrounding area. Of course, seeing anything ordinary only accentuates the beauty everywhere else.

  14. I'll take the second one - post it or discard it, your choice !!!
    Very funny !

  15. LOL! Thanks for exposing the underbelly of Menton, we've been forewarned ;-)


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