29 April 2007

Journée nationale de la déportation

Today sees ceremonies all over France as it's the National Day of the Deportation. I'm not sure of the symbolism here with the American flags but presume it's because it was the Americans who liberated the camps in 1945. Hope someone more knowledgeable than me will comment if I've got it wrong. (Please read Abraham Lincoln's explanation in the first comment - thank you Abraham). I presume this little boy is the older man's grandchild - even great grandchild. And note the girl in the background - she is holding her guinea-pig - cochon d'Inde in French.


  1. Well, the man holding the flag is and American who was a paratrooper during the Second World War. I can see the patch on his shoulder that says Paratrooper. That outfit or any paratrooper outfit is not easy to get into and jumping out of airplanes and getting shot at on the way down is not everyone's cup of tea. No doubt about it the old man was a soldier (paratrooper) who probably helped in the liberation and has come back to Mention, because he was there. That medal on his jacket is, I think, from France, but I would not swear to that. It just seems familiar to me.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. Abraham

    Thankyou so much. Of course! It's so logical that the guy should be an American. thanks very much for excellent explanation.

  3. That little boy is precious!

    One thing I hope to do in Paris next month is retrace the route the U.S. Army's 4th Division took into Paris. My father was in that division, the first American troops to enter Paris in Auust 1944, and since he's no longer around, it up to be to do it. Someday I will visit the Ardennes, too.

    Those were the days when the war was honorable.

  4. Interesting photo; I've never seen anyone taking a guinea pig for a walk! Is that a common sight in France?

    Blather From Brooklyn

  5. Kids must be taken in those celebrations because they have to learn since young what war mean and how peace is precious.

  6. Nécessaire travail de mémoire.

  7. Ceremony and ritual adds meaning and richness to life. Wonderful that the former paratrooper was able to attend. And, I loved the contrast between the ages represented by the man and the child.

  8. Very nice photo. I like the fact that the little boy is staring at you while everyone else was occupied with something else. :-)

    Cute picture.


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