06 April 2007

View from the Old Town

This was taken on a dull day a week ago. I should be there today when it's glorious - a perfect Easter Day. In the distance - well not far, let's face it - you see Italy which is where I normally go to buy my wine and lots of my food too. Cheaper and better! Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Looks Beautiful, will be there on Moday, and I can't wait. jgA

  2. Gorgeous view! I find it interesting that you say that the food and wine is cheaper and better in Italy. Food is probably cheaper and better in France AND Italy than in San Diego!

  3. It looks good even on a dull day.

  4. Wow...Menton looks like a fantastic place to live. Thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment over at Toruń Daily Photo. Hope to see you again sometime.

  5. What a beautiful shot! I love the scenery and the description.

    Do you live in one of these apartments?

  6. Ming, the Old Town of Menton is about 6 kilometres from where I live. I live below the village of Gorbio and look after dogs in my house -


    that's why I love dog pics - ie yours!

    Jilly x

  7. I can easily get used to waking up to that view every morning ;-)

  8. Hi Jilly,
    Thank you for stopping and commenting about the raccoon post. She was a special friend and we miss her a lot.

    Actually, I clean the windows and I was reminded by my wife of 52 years, today, that I need to clean them again. My wife has her second bout of breast cancer and we have been busy taking care of treatments for that so some window cleaning is neglected.

    Thanks again.
    720 pixels
    Brookville Daily Photo

  9. This photo is quite comparable to an oil paint. It's wonderful !!!

  10. You're a brave lady saying that Italian food and wine is better ( and cheaper) than French on a French-ish blog! I'm (secretly) agreeing with you though. Damn - Eric's probably reading this

  11. Richard - to clarify! .... she said backtracking only slightly! If I go to Menton market, the food is wonderful - there's a place to buy Bresse chickens for example, great fish, good veggies. Just that in Italy it's just that tiny bit better I always think - at least for my taste and I love pasta.

    Having said I go to Italy to shop, as do many Mentonnais and also people from Monaco - the traffic is two-way and many Italians comes to Menton to shop. Perhaps the grass is greener....

    Hope Eric is happy with this! I adore French food but then I adore Italian...

    waffle waffle...

    J x


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