11 April 2007


We're in the cemetery itself now, way above the Old Town of Menton. I found so many wonders here and spent quite a while taking photographs, so you may get more over the next few days unless any of you find graves depressing. This headstone commemorates Pierre, who lost his life in the Great War.


  1. I think we should all consider visiting the graves in cemeteries because those people are, for the most part, forgotten. They are there for an eternity and unless you see their names and speak them they are forgotten. So your saw this name, spoke it and he is not forgotten. Amen to that.

    Thanks too for your visit to my blog and for your comments about the bees. I do so much appreciate seeing your name there.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Photography

  2. A wonderful tribute to Pierre, so many years later. I think that countries that add photos on the gravestones are so wise.


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