28 April 2007

A tree in the sea

We are above the Old Town, looking down over a mixture of old and new roofs towards the sea. The oval piece of land you see in the distance - planted with a few trees - is land that has been reclaimed from the sea.


  1. The scenery there is just so beautiful. What a picturesque front yard these residents have!

  2. This is another beautiful photograph.

    I posted some code that you might find useful on my post today.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. Everything in your photo is so interesting: roofs, sea, church. Recently took a little quiz about dream locations suited for me. Of the 10, eight were on bodies of water!

  4. Sure looks beautiful Jilly! You really are very lucky!Unfortuantely I haven't heard anything from the Mairie of Menton yet. But am still forever optimistic! Thanks for your help...it would be great for a future event.

  5. This is so gorgeous, Jilly. I love those red roofs tumbling down to the sea.

  6. excellent view of the roofs! I wouldnt be able to tell the old from new making it blend nicely together with a beautiful ocean backdrop!

  7. oh... you could reach the sea jumping from one roof to another (if you were a cat, of course...) ;)

  8. This photo contrasts so nicely with yesterday's photo.

    Yesterday's narrow street was dark and tight. Today's photo is bright and open.

    Very nice.


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