16 April 2007

Resting place

Wandering around the cemetery above the Vieille Ville of Menton, you can't help but notice how many British and Russian graves are to be found. Of course it was the Brits and the Russians who made Menton fashionable and famous at the turn of the century - indeed Queen Victoria used to spend time here each winter - never in summer, m'dear. Here you see a seagull watching over the grave - and perhaps messing it up, let's face it - of one Charles Richard Congreve who died in 1885.


  1. Your pigeon looks very handsome, but basically they are rats with wings ;-)
    (can you tell I had some unpleasant encounters with them in my life?)

  2. Funny looking pigeon, Isabella! Methinks it's a seagull! Maybe still a rat of the sea, I don't know.


  3. LOL! No wonder he looked good for a pigeon ;-)
    Either my eyesight is going or you need a larger format...I will email you some options.

  4. you've got a seagull today, i've got a pigeon [again]
    i've heard some people maintain that seagulls are just pigeons at sea.
    whilst both birds can be quite despised they are just as photogenic as cats and dogs
    or even the exotica isabella often delights us with

  5. Bonjour Jilly!
    If you want to post the larger format:
    1-Upload a photo as you usuall do.
    2-Then click on the "edit HTML" icon.
    3-You will see something that starts like this: src="http://bp3.blogger.com/.../s400
    4-Change s400 to s640.

    Then, open Template:
    1-Go down to "Header". Change "width:660px;" to "width:880px;"
    2-Go down to "Content". Change "width:660px;" to "width:880px;"
    3-Go down to "Sidebar". Change "width:220px;" to "width:180px;"
    4-Try with "preview" to see if it's ok.

    (if i did it, everyone can do it!)
    Bonne journée!

  6. I love the photo and seagull seems to look far...

  7. I like you photograph today. The seagull is beautiful too.

    Abraham Lincoln

  8. nice photograph of a seagull. it looks like it were meant to be there. hehe :D

    greetings from Penang, Malaysia [newly opened daily photo blog]. I have your blog linked to my blog, maybe you want to do the same? :)

  9. Anonymous16 July, 2010

    Charles Richard Congreve was born in 1846 in Kilchrenan and Dalavich, Argyll, Scotland. He had been married only four years when he died. He left a wife and two sons. Charles was descended from the prominent family of Congreve of Stretton & Congreve, Staffs. and was related to William Congreve the playwright.

  10. John, Thanks so much for this information. How sad he died so young and - yes, I did wonder if he was related to the playwright. Again, thanks a lot.


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