20 April 2007


Echium candicans (Pride of Madeira) is a common plant in the south of France. The bees and butterflies just love it.

An apology that I've not been commenting much of late. Got friends for the Monte Carlo Tennis Open and 10 dogs en pension because it's school holiday time in this part of France (and all the dogs are in the house!) so here's a shot of a corner of my garden taken this morning. I'll catch up with comments next week. Forgive - and thanks so much for comments on my blogs.


  1. Oh, my! Took my breath away! I grew up next to the poppy field, so this is very sentimental to me...

    So, that's your garden view? What a lucky, lucky dog (!) you are ;-)))

    I am surprised that you even have time to post with your crazy schedule! Hang in there - it will soon be over and you'll have time to go out into that gorgeous garden of yours and actually smell those Echium candicans...

    Last thing re: photo size. No template tweaking is required.
    Just change that 400 number I mentioned to you before to 640 and the photo will fill your screen! .
    Try it, you'll like it ;-)

  2. Reading Isabella's comment, I think my explanation was not good, sorry Jilly...
    Your garden is a lovely and sunny place! Those Echium grow in Brittany also, but they need warmth. I like them very much.
    Have a nice (and busy!) week end.

  3. The bright dots of flowers really "make" this photograph!

  4. Looks like a fairytale garden, very pretty!

  5. Just beautiful! We have those echium here in San Diego too. Both of your photos capture them well.

  6. I found your blog is amazing,so many beautiful photos!And so many countrys!They all took by yourself?

  7. Wow... The Echium is very beautiful and your skill of photo taking is very good. The photos are very beautiful.

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    Have a nice day!

  8. Very pretty flower photographs. You are ahead of us. We are still suffering pangs of winter.

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    Brookville Daily Photo

  9. OMG, what amazing photos. The first one is just spectacular. The colors, the textures and dimensions/heights of different flowers are just beathtaking. The second phot is so beautiful. I love the details in the photo. Bravo!!


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