14 April 2007

Electrician needed!

No wonder Menton Council is offering financial help to house owners in the Vieille Ville to enable them to restore their houses. This house looks as if it could do with an electrician for starters. Somehow tho I love it as it is.


  1. I love it too. Still has it's old charm. But I think for safety's sake, the wires need seeing to. Good on the council to do so. Wiring can be quite expensive.

  2. Sensible council.....however, what will be the impact on the tourist trade? No more "electrical charm".

  3. Oh, boy - I don't think I'd be able to sleep nights...

  4. :))
    its a familiar view for me.

    nice sunday

    shanghai daily photo

  5. I've seen worse examples of wiring; I'd be wary of thunderstorms though!

  6. Menton must be very conscious of its image if it's offering to house residents..

  7. I can understand that! Old buildings may look gorgeous and cute but most of them do not have modern amenities that we are so accustom to.

    A lot of the old buildings (before WW2) are beautiful but they don't have elevators, no laundry facilities, no electrical outlets and very few built-in lights. Back then electricity was expensive and people used kerosene lamps.


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