08 April 2007

La Chocolaterie de Puyricard

I didn't manage to photograph a choccie shop for you in Monte Carlo but I did in Menton! So here's an Easter egg and a couple of bunnies.

The Puyricard chocolate shop is for drooling, buying, admiring and of course, eating. Puyricard make such good chocolate and I'm not even going to try describing it - here's their website.

Puyricard have shops in Menton, Nice and Toulon and have recently opened one at Cannes. Their Easter egg is a special edition. I tried photographing it from across the street - see the last of these three photographs - but as you can see all that happened is that I got the reflection of the buildings on the other side of the road! No matter, have a wonderful Easter everyone and don't get sick eating too much chocolate. As if!


  1. I do love dark, dark chocolate. And I believe in having a little bit every day, whether I need it or not :)

  2. So nice photos as you're use to. Let me wish you Happy Easter !!!

  3. looks like a great place to buy gifts for chocolate lovers !

  4. I'd buy chocolate from that shop,it's so pretty. And the chocolate looks delicious.

  5. A little late but "Happy Easter." The chocolates look divine and the front of the show is quaint and inviting!


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